Oral Health Care Exams Are Vital To a Healthy Smile

Do you want a healthy smile? If so, you are not alone! We all want a healthy and beautiful smile to show off in life, yet how many people realize the key to a healthy smile is found in your regular oral health care exam or dental checkup? Well, it’s true! That is why our… Read more »

Dental Attrition Can Sometimes Be Repaired by a Common Filling

Dental attrition occurs when long-term yet minor alignment issues allow two or more teeth to wear on each other at an unnatural angle. Through the passage of time, this causes minute damage to the tooth enamel. If it’s not repaired in a timely manner at , the compromised tooth enamel could play host to a… Read more »

A Removable Partial Can Replace the Function of Your Multiple Missing Teeth

If you’ve suffered a dental avulsion or if you’ve lost multiple teeth to untreated decay and gum disease, it can significantly impair your oral function. Beyond the impaired ability to chew the foods you eat, it can also mar your appearance and affect the clarity of your speech. In some of these cases, these teeth… Read more »

What you Should Know About Dental Crowns

You probably know that brushing and flossing are extremely important if you’d like to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Similarly, you may have heard that you could have to deal with decay if you don’t keep your teeth clean, you could have to deal with decay and other issues. Fortunately, a dental crown could… Read more »

What Are Some Healthy Oral Care Habits for Children?

Would you like to learn more about how you could help your children stay healthy? Would you be surprised to learn that one important thing you should do is help your child keep their mouth clean and their teeth strong? You see, if your little one’s pearly whites aren’t cared for well, your child’s overall… Read more »

Caring for your Cosmetic Dentistry

After any sort of cosmetic dentistry procedure, you’re likely going to be very pleased with how your new smile looks. From crowns and bonding to veneers or implants, cosmetic dentistry really does work wonders for your smile. However, what a lot of people fail to remember is the need to keep up a rigorous oral… Read more »

Caring for Your New Dentures

Your new dentures have restored the beauty and functionality of your smile. It is important that you take care of your dentures to keep them in good working order. Don’t Sleep with Your Dentures Do not sleep with your dentures in place unless Dr. advises you to do so. Our dentist may recommend this if… Read more »

Products for Your Smile

Temptations of sugary treats and delicious spices have begun to fill the air. With so much to look forward to this holiday season, it may be easy to forget the dangers your smile may be in, if not properly prepared for this holiday season. That is why our team is here to provide you with… Read more »

Facts on Enamel Erosion

You may know that your enamel is extremely hard. In fact, your enamel is actually the hardest substance in your body. You see, your enamel is the protective outer layer of your teeth, and while it is hard, it can wear down. This can lead to a number of problems because without your enamel, your… Read more »

How to Safely Remove Debris Stuck between Your Pearly Whites

Sometimes while you eat, you may have the unpleasant experience of having a piece of food like a popcorn hull or tough meat fiber become lodged between your teeth. Often this can be easily rinsed away by using lukewarm salt water or antiseptic mouthwash swished vigorously in your mouth. However, other times a piece of… Read more »