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A small cavity that goes without professional attention can continue to grow in size and depth. Over time the area of tooth decay can penetrate into the pulp and root of the tooth causing a toothache and potentially serious complications.

In some of these cases the bacterial presence can cause a concentrated pocket of infected fluid to build up in the underlying gums. As a dental abscess starts to develop it can apply pressure to the surrounding tissues, causing significant discomfort.

If you have noticed any of these symptoms with one of your teeth, you need to seek treatment from a dentist like Dr. Ronald Flachs. After a quick examination to assess the severity of the problem he will present you with an effective treatment strategy.

In many of these cases our dentist will need to perform a root canal to remove the compromised or decayed dental structures within the tooth. Once this is done he will rebuild an abutment strong enough to support a dental crown.

If a dental abscess is present in the local gum tissues, he might need to drain the fluid to help to alleviate the pressure and prevent the infection from passing your bloodstream.

Aftercare measures might include prescription pain medication and antibiotics which need to be taken as directed to knock out any latent infection concerns.

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