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Keeping your smile healthy can become more difficult if you have diabetes. Diabetes is a health condition that threatens your oral health and your overall health. By keeping excellent oral health habits like brushing and flossing regularly, you could be helping protect your smile from the damage diabetes can do to your smile.

Our experienced dentist, Dr. Ronald Flachs with Oak Park Dentistry in Portage, Michigan, cares for your oral health and is happy to help you achieve a healthy smile. As a result, our team is delighted to provide you with information on diabetes and your oral health.

Here is some information on the link between your smile and diabetes:

  • Diabetes is an increased risk for problems associated with high sugar levels. Since gum disease can raise blood sugar, it can wreak havoc on your diabetes.
  • Make sure to eat products that produce additional saliva, as diabetes will work against it and cause your mouth to often suffer from dry mouth. Dry mouth occurs when there’s not enough saliva in your mouth.
  • Due to delays in recovery time, your mouth will not be able to heal as fast if you are suffering from diabetes. Take this into account if you have any restoration treatments done.
  • As 10% of the population is diabetic, your dentist will have treatment plans in place to ensure you can still receive the proper oral health care treatments tailored to your oral health needs.
  • Make sure to let your dentist know you are suffering from diabetes and visit regularly for upgrades in your oral health.

If you are suffering from diabetes and need a dental checkup, please call us at 269-375-0800 and let us know. Our dental team is happy to schedule you an appointment and give you a dental exam. If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to your health, we are always happy to help you.