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Caring for dental erosion begins by preventing it. Dental erosion occurs when harmful acids on your tooth enamel slowly begin to eat away at your teeth. If your teeth are worn down due to dental erosion, they will be susceptible to damage that could potentially lead to tooth death. To prevent this from happening, take care of your teeth, be aware of the causes of dental erosion, and always have the necessary treatments in place to keep your smile safe.

Certain risk factors in our world can put you at an increased likelihood of developing dental erosion or even increase the rate at which it occurs. This includes acid reflux disease, the excessive consumption of starches and sugary substances, genetic predispositions, and medications that produce dry mouth as a side effect. It’s important to be aware of these causes and to know what you can do to help limit the effects of dental erosion.

Although you can’t change your genetics, you can add extra precautions to your oral health care and weekly repertoire just to be safe. Furthermore, always make sure your mouth is producing plenty of saliva, and be sure that you are brushing or flossing your teeth every single day with safe and effective tools. Furthermore, improve your diet and visit your dentist regularly.

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