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Do you have missing teeth in your smile? Are you tired of being too embarrassed to smile? If so, have you ever considered the benefits that dentures have to offer? These tooth replacements have a history of effectively helping people with their smiles. One of the things that differentiate them from other more permanent options is that they are removable. Let’s take a look at what else they have to offer:

1- Because these tooth replacement options can be removed, they can easily (and thoroughly) be cleaned.

2- Since they come in two different types, you have options depending on what you need. Partial dentures are used to replace one tooth or several in your smile, while complete dentures restore your entire row of teeth, whether on the top or bottom arch, or all of them.

3- Because they give you back the impaired or lost functions common with missing teeth, they give you back your ability to bite, chew, and break down food as well as restore your ability to speak clearly again.

4- As teeth go missing in your smile, the jawbone density is lost which can make your skin sag and your face look sunken. When you wear dentures, this can maintain the jawbone strength and youthful appearance of your face.

5- Did you know that when you have holes in your mouth from missing teeth, oral bacteria can collect in there and thrive? With the help of dentures, the bacteria have fewer places to hide in your mouth.

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