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If you’ve suffered a dental avulsion or if you’ve lost multiple teeth to untreated decay and gum disease, it can significantly impair your oral function. Beyond the impaired ability to chew the foods you eat, it can also mar your appearance and affect the clarity of your speech.

In some of these cases, these teeth can be replaced with dental implants anchoring a piece of bridgework. Should you feel put off by the oral surgery involved with this type of restoration, Dr. Ronald Flachs might recommend fitting you for a custom partial denture.

Dr. Ronald Flachs will start by examining the area to make sure the surrounding teeth are healthy and strong. If any other teeth have also been compromised by tooth decay or periodontal disease, he might recommend having them extracted and included in the final partial.

Dr. Ronald Flachs and his technicians will then create a detailed impression of the area, including the corresponding teeth in your bite pattern. This will be sent to a professional dental lab where you partial will be made to fit perfectly in the void between the two neighboring teeth.

If you live in the Portage, Michigan, area and you have lost multiple teeth in one area of your mouth, you should call 269-375-0800 to set up a restoration consultation at Oak Park Dentistry.